Updated 9/17/2007
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25th Year Reunion Announcement!
No RSVP - Just come and join us

Friday Night Rustburg Game
Friday,  September 28,  2007  -  7:30 pm – 9:00 PM
Rustburg High School
1672 Village Highway
Rustburg, VA 24588
BHS Bees Football!
The game is away at Rustburg. A few of us may go and ‘tailgate’.
It’ll be the biggest Brookville crowd they’ve had in a while!

Saturday Get Together!
Friday,  September 29,  2007  -  7:00 pm – until.....
Big Lick Tropical Grill  434-528-3604
4001 Murray Place
Lynchburg VA 24501
Enjoy food and beverages from the menu.
No need to RSVP - just come and join us!
Friday night we will have a casual get together to just hang out and meet for
those who are in town on Friday.  There’ll be a band and spots reserved
for the Class of ’82 inside and on the deck!

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