Message from Larry Lewis To The Brookville-Timberlake Community
Friday September 25, 2009

Over the last 13 years, the website has been successful only because it was supported by people like you. Parents, students, alumni, faculty and staff, all sending information to me for the website. Since I donít work at the school, that was the only way information could get on the website. Without all that support, the website could not have been as successful as it has been. The website averages more than 5,000 hits a day. During a typical school year I may handle over 3,000 emails related to the website. Iíve been told that teachers at other schools use our website all the time. Over 100 other websites are linked to . For last yearís seniors, the website was the only BHS website they ever knew, from 1st grade through 12th grade. It has always been there for them.

Editing the website has been a lot of fun for me, and a lot of work. But it has been more fun for me than any project Iíve done in years, and very rewarding. Iíve been privileged to communicate with thousands of Bees, Bee Alumni, and their families over the years, and faculty members. Iíve helped pull group reunions together through the website, shared with our community the great things we all know and love about Brookville, such as our Bees In The Military and our Famous Bees. Iíve also shared in the grief in the loss of some of our students and faculty, in the Memories of Bees section. The Bees have always had a lot to be proud of, and the website was our way of helping to share that love and pride with the Brookville-Timberlake community and the world. Once a Bee, Always A Bee! My wife, and I and our daughter are all former Bees. I also have 3 brothers who are former Bees.

Special thanks to these people who over the years have provided a huge amount of information and support:
Jim Whorley, John Vasvary, Bruce Abbott, Debbie Guthrie, Cindy Tyree, Pam Stinnett, Carol Stone, Traci Wille, Kerry Bowles, Kathy Kaplan, Amy Abell, Karen Canfield, Mike George, Amanda Deane, Chris Young, Ramsey Moore, Tim Kennedy, Darryl Knot, Megan Emanuel, Tom Cole, Barb Shackelford, Bryan Ralls, Jim Puckett, DJ Stalter, Pat & Terry Brame, Ashley Turner, Karen Stalter, Julie Regan, David Deacon, Cheryl Deacon, Cathy Campbell, Hilda Morcom, Amy Howard, Vicki Hunt, Kym Foutz, Sandy Mayberry, Beth Jackson, Mary George, Smith, Robin Coffey, Paul Conroy, Larry & Cathy Woody, Jim Eadie, Jim Burns, Judy Gerlinger, Faith Nixon, Steph Weigand, Kathy Carson, Kelly Stone, All the Club Sponsors, Band Boosters, AGP Chairs, Athletic Boosters, and my wife Susan.