On May 1st, 2009, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkin's B-Cell lymphoma (mantle cell lymphoma), which is very difficult to treat, and is the most aggressive and deadly of all lymphomas. Only 5% of lymphoma cases are this kind. There have been only 14 cases in Central Virginia since it was first classified as its own unique type of lymphoma in 1991. The 5 year survival rate is only 50%.  Starting May 29th, 2009 I began a series of chemotherapy treatments by IV (R-CHOP) that ran through late August, 2009. After 4 R-CHOP treatments, I was still not in remission. The amount of cancer in my bone marrow was at 87% (we don't know the percentage before these first treatments, the doctor estimated near 100%). This disease is normally not curable, and even if you do get into remission, it normally comes back within one to three years and then chemo treatments may not help. Stronger chemo treatments were begun at UVA on October 1st (hyperCVAD). For that treatment, I was an in-patient for 5 to 7 days with chemo flowing 24 hours a day. After three of these treatments, four weeks apart, my bone marrow involvement dropped from 87% to 14%. Unfortunately, even though it was working to kill the cancer, I was unable to continue hyperCVAD treatments due to a bad reaction to one of the main drugs (ARA-C). I got the last hyperCVAD treatment at the end of November, 2009. In 2010, I continued additional, different chemo treatments (Rituxan and Velcade) in order to try and achieve complete remission. In February, after 8 treatments of Velcade and 5 treatments of Rituxan, I was down to 4%.  After 16 Velcade treatments in 2010, I was declared in 'clinical remission' on August 4th, 2010. I have completed 2 years of Rituxan maintenance  immunotherapy every other month. Since August 2010, I have not been receiving any chemo of any kind.

I will continue the BHSBees.com website as long as I am able, and I hope that the BHSBees.com website will continue to be a useful tool for the Brookville-Timberlake community, the students and alumni. You can also keep up with my progress on my Facebook website: www.facebook.com/larryandsusan or  at www.caringbridge.org/visit/larry_lewis  or write to me directly at LarryAndSusan@bhsbees.com

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Larry & Susan Summer 2005 Relay For Life, 2011
Susan and Larry

www.BHSBees.com was started in September 1996 and is owned and maintained by Larry Lewis - BHS Class of '68
Larry Lewis Night - 9-25-09    -  Thanks to Everyone, from Larry  -  Co-Worker Runs Marathon - 3-21-10

Relay For Life, 2010
Fordys (son-in-law), Jennifer (daughter), Susan (wife), Larry and Zack (grandson)

Note: Blood count spreadsheet (Excel) is available here: www.bhsbees.com/larry.xls

Thanks to my co-worker, Casey Venters, who raised over $2600 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and trained for months in order to run a marathon race in VA Beach in my honor, on March 21st, 2010.
 -  Story about Casey's marathon run for Larry from the News & Advance
 -  Thank you message from Casey, and a list of the donors

Thanks to another of my co-workers, J. Todd Lee, who is also my manager, is representing me in a cancer fund raiser this summer. Two other co-workers are joining Todd (Tim Miles and Chris Schechter) on "Team Dirtshack". This is the official Lance Armstrong Foundation 24 hour biking event. The fundraiser will provide funds to fight cancer through the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Wednesday, 12/16/10, there was a Red Cross Blood Drive at Brookville in my honor and also in honor of BHS Coach Gary Ferguson. I was able to stop by the school on the way to UVA for a PET scan, and visit a few people and also the Library where the Blood Drive was in progress. I could only stay about 30 minutes. It was great to find out that over 100 students were signed up to donate blood!  Thanks to everyone for your part in this great cause. In 2009, I have received 10 units of red blood cells and 3 times I have received platelets. This year was the first time in my life to receive a transfusion, and I am so thankful for people who donate their blood. No doubt, I will receive more in the future, as I battle this disease.

THANKS TO EVERYONE - ("Larry Lewis Night" - 9/25/09)
We were completely overwhelmed by amount of love expressed by so many people at "Larry Lewis Night" game on 9/25/09. It was a once-in-a-lifetime, absolutely amazing night. I am truly thankful for all the work and effort that went into everything that was done for us, and all that was given to us by so many people. We came home and sat and enjoyed going through all the cards and gifts. We were, and are, truly blessed, and I am out of words. If you missed the game, click here to read a message from me to the Brookville-Timberlake community
that I had the announcer read at that game during halftime.
Larry & Susan Lewis
News & Advance Story about 'Larry Lewis Night'